SF-G Series AC Drive

SF-G Series AC Drive

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  • Capacity: 5.5KW(7.5HP)to 355KW(475HP)

  • Dual specification with HD(-G): 150% 60s / LD: 120% 60s

  • Support FOC+PG closed loop vector control

  • Input power phase failure protection, ground short circuit protection and output short circuit protection

  • Application: Crane, Compressor, Polishing Machine, Injection Machine, Extruder, Fan and Pump, Chilling System

  • Dual specification with HD(-G): 150% 60s / LD: 120% 60s

  • V/F control, general purpose magnetic flux vector control, SVC sensor-less vector control, FOC+PG closed loop vector control, high torque output at low speed, and the best power saving control mode

  • Increased load capacity to 200% / 1S(-G)

  • Hardware type circuit protection design

  • Embedded regeneration brake crystal(22kW or below)

  • Strengthened PID function, multiple machine(fan/pump) control function

  • RS-485 interface, selection between Shihlin protocol/standard Modbus protocol

  • Strengthened speed tracking compensation capability

  • Soft PWM function

  • Multiple function pulse output

  • Operation panel convenient to move around

  • 0-1A/0-10A feedback input board (optional), appropriate for equipment modification of injection molding machine for power saving